The Art of Floral Bouquet Arrangement (Armsheath/Side) (approx. 2 hours)


The Armsheath Bouquet is made up of long stemmed flowers and are usually cradled in the arm; this is most commonly seen in pageants.
Participants will learn the design principles on how to choose the flowers and how to arrange them to form the armsheath bouquet:
They will learn how to prepare the flowers to maximise the lifespan of the bouquet; they will learn to colour coordinate the flowers, as well as how to wrap the bouquet in different styles for different occasions (gifting, bridal, vase placement).
As shown in the picture, it can be readily placed in a vase for a table display.
In this workshop, each participant will get to prepare a bouquet of 3 lilies with an assortment of other side flowers.
*For a minimum of 5 pax and above, we will conduct the workshop onsite at your premises at no extra charge.



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